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8 best destinations for solo travellers and friends in 2020

We’ve picked out a few places that we think cater to lone travellers wanting to make new friends or be left in total peace. They are also places that couples and friends can explore together. And if you are looking for love on the road, whatever you do don’t Google “singles holidays” or “best places to visit” – and definitely not on a Sunday evening – because it makes for particularly grim reading.

We’re not suggesting signing up with a group of 30/40 or 50-somethings bemoaning their relationship status because: a) we can’t think of anything worse and b) you don’t have to be single to go on a solo holiday. Taking a bit of “me” time is important whoever you are – who doesn’t want to revel in selfish bliss every once in a while? Solo or not these places are amazing and worth the time to explore.

First up... Copenhagen, Denmark

Test out your solo travelling chops in stylish Copenhagen

For a happiness fix, head to Copenhagen. Consistently one of the top five countries in the annual World Happiness Report, the city also leads the way in the style stakes. The epitome of Scandi cool, a few years back Copenhagen birthed a sub-group of bloggers and designers keen to ruffle many a French girl’s feathers. Since then, the city has grown into something of a fashion mecca, developing at an exponential pace. From Ganni – Copenhagen’s coolest export – to umpteen conceptual design stores and a killer food scene, this is an ideal choice for a weekend away, to test out a solo trip or a begin a Scandinavian adventure.


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