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Number 8 of the 8 best destinations for solo travellers and friends in 2020

Mallorca, Spain

Honey-hued buildings, cobbled alleys and a historic old town make this Balearic beauty one of the Mediterranean’s most-loved islands. Mallorca is not just a paradise for beach lovers and culture buffs - it is home to a wide array of sports, from mountain biking through its hills to the many water sports practised off its shores. Somehow, Mallorca still manages to remain relatively untapped in comparison to its neighbouring Spanish islands. Admittedly, Magaluf booms into action every summer on the west side (which, for a one-off visit, isn’t always a bad thing. Whipped cream and fish bowls, anyone?) but the remaining regions of the island still possess an unmistakably unique charisma. Mallorca is a place of infinite bicycle lanes tracing the ocean, terrains of dusty, jagged rocks and sparkling waters. For those returning, there is the familiar inner city of Palma with its peachy houses and gothic cathedral, the sprawling beaches and the constant promise of cheap wine and bar snacks. But to both first timers and old timers alike, there is endless charm to be found.

Beaches, bike trails, wine and wandering in Mallorca!


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