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Number 2 of the 8 best destinations for solo travellers and friends in 2020

Rome – Italy's glorious capital city

For those hopeless at navigating, Rome is a good place to go. Sure, hitting up those key sites is a big NB but in having no timekeeper, and no real sense of direction, you’re free to discover the endless marvels of the city at your leisure. Head down one street and you’ll happen upon a sculpture by Bernini or take the second left instead of the third and you’ll find yourself in the quaintest of quarters. Rome is robust with history, art and character – a city made to get lost in. Make like Julia (Roberts) in Eat, Pray, Love and learn some Italian, eat some pasta, buy some bigger jeans and have a bloody good time. For those wishing to prolong the journey ROME can be just the start of a navigation through Italy’s’ beautiful cities and countryside!

rome italy gaskin travel
Find yourself in Rome – a city made to get lost in!


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